res ipsa loquitur

The time has arrived to drum up additional interest in my fledgling authorial career.

Henceforth, immediately without delay, I am participating in a Rafflecopter event, promoting my second novel, Young, Only Once.

The purpose of the exercise is to spread joy, introducing my Boy Hank to a wider audience.

Both of my Boyz, Hank in Young, Only Once, Frank in Concurrent Relationships, are available from e-book retailers and subscription services worldwide.

Descriptions and excerpts are here within my blog.

I enjoy meeting and interacting with new friends, from all over the globe. Feel free to stop and visit at Google Circles, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms I am active on!


Details for the giveaway are located here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Checking in

Just want to keep everyone posted of my whereabouts in the literary world.

You can find my boyz, frank and hank, at all ebook retailers and service subscriptions worldwide now. If you are curious about my novels you can find them here:


If you want to know more you can check out the book trailers for each:

Young Only Once:

Concurrent Relationships:

I have more details to share once they become set in stone! Will keep you all posted.

Lee DeBourg

Literary Reality

Thursday I received communication from a reviewer/blogger in Prague. She expressed enthusiasm about my debut, Concurrent Relationships. We communicated on both Goodreads and Twitter, where we are now friended. I also noted she reviewed my blog here.

Friday I received a rejection from a known agent, at a respected Lit Agency.
The Query was sent on 2 May.

Are there any questions why contemporary authors choose to pursue the Indie route?

My second novel, Young, Only Once, will be released 15 April.