Checking in

Just want to keep everyone posted of my whereabouts in the literary world.

You can find my boyz, frank and hank, at all ebook retailers and service subscriptions worldwide now. If you are curious about my novels you can find them here:


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Young Only Once:

Concurrent Relationships:

I have more details to share once they become set in stone! Will keep you all posted.

Lee DeBourg


maibus pedibusque

“Good writers define reality; bad ones merely restate it. A good writer turns fact into truth; a bad writer will, more often than not, accomplish the opposite.”
Edward Albee-American dramatist

Writing is something I do.I don’t live to write,or depend upon it to pay next month’s utilities and groceries.
The activity of writing is liberating. Loosely defined, I apply the ‘Five Why’ problem solving technique in my approach to expression. I pose the questions ‘Why?-Why?-Why?-Oh Why? and Why Again?’ in developing character-scene-dialogue. This also works well in the revision process. Words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs must justify their existence within the Grand Scheme of Things, the Work in Progress. The work must contain an Inner Logical Consistency, no matter the skewed or oddball Point Of View.
And in the final analysis…writing is cheaper than going to therapy.

At the present moment I am revising my second novel, ‘YOUNG,ONLY ONCE’, similar though more than twice the length of CONCURRENT RELATIONSHIPS.
Before starting a third novel (I have plenty of ideas), I would like to gauge the world’s impression of my efforts.
My goals are modest. I harbor no burning desire to see my name in print (hence, a pseudonym). Entertainment and information(new to me) are what I seek in a good read. Since the muse overtook me, I resolved to offer the same through my writing exercise.
Modest financial return would be nice (I won’t lie, outside of the fiction). What I would like to gauge is honest reaction to the STORY. Whether ten hundred, or a hundred thousand brief critiques, slightly more positive than negative would motivate continuation of effort.

‘Out there’ is much to choose from. I respect those who might harbor interest in my expression. As a reader I respect an author who gives their audience sufficient credit as insightful, thoughtful adult human beings. I try to replicate this attitude. It’s not so difficult. All cultures and religions contain a variant of the ‘Golden Rule’.

There are no new stories under the sun.

There is only an individual novelist’s synthesize of human experience.

Currently am lost in the Paul Schwartz productions ARIA and ARIA 2. Heavenly, though the percussion could be toned down a bit.

I picked up ARIA while I for a flight at Vantaa, outside Helsinki, Finland.