Vive la difference

“No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money”
Samuel Johnson-1776

CONCURRENT RELATIONSHIPS arose from a simple theme: The exploration of Aphrodite’s two attributed interpretations. The older Aphrodite, Ourania, was viewed as celestial, associated with spiritual love, emblematic of discretion in conjugal love. The younger Aphrodite, Pandemos (root of the word pandemonium) was viewed as common, associated with physical desire, all men’s love for women arising from her. This seemed a worthy investigation from a male POV character, caught between the extremes.

At least this was the original thought. RELATIONSHIPS began writing itself. The story flowed through my hand, as I merely guided ink pen(s) across blank paper to finish first draft.

The novel is non-genre FICTION. Elements of it are Contemporary Relationships, New Adult, Romance, Erotica, Crime Drama, Travelogue, Technical, International, Humor, and a space to take out your hanky. Within the current bookselling environment the classification would be Upmarket (but not Upmarket women), straddling the fence between Mainstream (high-class plot driven Commercial) and Literary (character driven and seldom financially successful).

Two impressions struck me as the book was edited. This is something I would enjoy reading( I don’t find enough interesting fiction). More importantly there is diversity and ‘realism’ enough that a reader should be able to suspend disbelief and immerse him/herself within my little world.

The first portion of RELATIONSHIPS is overloaded with sexuality, which some may find offputting For the character’s age group, early to mid twenties, keeping raging hormones under control can be a daily struggle. I consider this realism. Romance is a thin veneer for some (many?) whose very core screams ‘procreate!’

Others are capable of subtlety and nuance.

A few can cast a wry eye at the noise and commotion, maintaining sanity and grace, developing a balanced approach to life.

Then Beth Ann barges in to visit, the ink barely dry on her divorce documents.

What is a grown man expected to do?

Such is the humble beginning of my first STORY, a book length work of FICTION that does not easily pigeon-hole into any one genre.

My mantra is simple. Write the STORY your imagination conjours, then put it ‘out there’ accessible to the entire world. They will determine whether value/satisfaction is achieved. Perhaps a critique loop will bring feedback to my attention, insight to be incorporated within future efforts.

Success is easy to calculate: One copy sold to someone unknown to me,who finds enjoyment in my literary enterprise. In advance I will say both ‘Thank You’ and ‘You’re Welcome’.

Release date late September

For this version of blog I’ve been listening to my favorite operatic piece, performed by Vanessa Mae: Violin Fantasy on Puccini’s ‘Turandot.’
I picked up this copy of the CD ‘China Girl-The Classical Album 2’ while visiting Kiev, Ukraine (Spasiba,┬áSveta).